sublime-jekyll ships with a large number of auto-completions for helping you get things done more efficiently. Included are a number of standard Liquid template filters, as well as Jekyll specific filters and template variables.


If wanted, you can update your Markdown.sublime-settings file to include some overrides to trigger completions in Markdown files. Add "auto_complete_selector": "text.html.markdown" and "auto_complete_triggers": [ {"selector": "text.html.markdown"} ] as new key:value pairs.

Global Variables

Trigger Contents
site site
page page
layout layout
content content
paginator paginator

Site Variables

Trigger Contents
site.time site.time
site.pages site.pages
site.posts site.posts
site.related_posts site.related_posts
site.static_files site.static_files
site.html_pages site.html_pages
site.html_files site.html_files
site.collections site.collections$1
site.documents site.documents.$1
site.categories site.categories.$1
site.tags site.tags.$1

Page Variables

Trigger Contents
page.content page.content
page.title page.content
page.excerpt page.excerpt
page.url page.url
page.categories page.categories
page.tags page.tags
page.path page.path
page.previous page.previous

Paginator Variables

Trigger Contents
paginator.per_page paginator.per_page
paginator.posts paginator.posts
paginator.total_posts paginator.total_posts
paginator.total_pages paginator.total_pages
paginator.previous_page paginator.previous_page
paginator.previous_page_path paginator.previous_page_path
paginator.next_page paginator.next_page
paginator.next_page_path paginator.next_page_path

Forloop Variables

Trigger Contents
forloop.first forloop.first
forloop.index forloop.index
forloop.index0 forloop.index0
forloop.last forloop.last
forloop.length forloop.length
forloop.rindex forloop.rindex
forloop.rindex0 forloop.rindex0

Array Filters

Trigger Contents
join join
first first
last last
concat concat
index index
map map
reverse reverse
size size
sort sort
uniq uniq

String Filters

Trigger Contents
append append:'$1'
capitalize capitalize
downcase downcase
escape escape
newline_to_br newline_to_br
pluralize pluralize
prepend prepend:'$1'
remove remove:'$1'
remove_first remove_first:'$1'
replace replace:'$1'
replace_first replace_first:'$1'
slice slice:$2, $1
split split:'$1'
strip strip
lstrip lstrip
rstrip rstrip
strip_html strip_html
strip_newlines strip_newlines
truncate truncate:$2, '$1'
truncatewords truncatewords
upcase upcase

Math Filters

Trigger Contents
abs abs:$1
ceil ceil:$1
divided_by divided_by:$1
floor floor
minus minus:$1
plus plus:$1
round round
times times:$1
modulo modulo:$1

Handy Filters

Trigger Contents
relative_url relative_url
absolute_url absolute_url
date_to_xmlschema date_to_xmlschema
date_to_rfc822 date_to_rfc822
date_to_string date_to_string
date_to_long_string date_to_long_string
where where:'$2','$1'
where_exp where_exp:'$2','$1'
group_by group_by:'$1'
group_by_exp group_by_exp:'$1'
xml_escape xml_escape
cgi_escape cgi_escape
uri_escape uri_escape
number_of_words number_of_words
array_to_sentence_string array_to_sentence_string
markdownify markdownify
smartify smartify
scssify scssify
sassisfy sassisfy
slugify slugify
jsonify jsonify
normalize_whitespace normalize_whitespace
sample sample
to_integer to_integer
push push
pop pop
shift shift
unshift unshift
inspect inspect
date date